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How Shall We Then Read? 

The History, Theology, & Spirituality of Reading





Is all reading equal? Is it passive? Can it – should it – be a matter of mere leisure? How does reading impact our non-textual lives? Can words on a page invite wisdom as well as knowledge? How does reading in community differ from reading in isolation? How has reading, and regard for the activity, changed through the ages? Can it be a relational act? Is it possible to read too much? Does digital reading have a different neuropsychological impact? Is there a specifically Christian approach to reading and to hermeneutics?


Dr. Sharon Jebb Smith, with Dr. Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson, will lead this conference with an intent to question assumptions and provoke thoughtful consideration of the role of reading in all its forms… fiction and non-fiction, digital and inked. 

Questions such as those above shall be addressed and discussed through the weekend, in a variety of formats. Some meals will be included, and Dr. Rev. Valerie Michaelson will lead a service on Sunday morning.

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