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2022 Speakers

Micheal O'Siadhaill and David L. Jeffrey

The Long Conversation: 
Poetic Participation & Invitation



Poetic Participation & Invitation 

as understood and modelled by

Micheal O’Siadhail and David L. Jeffrey


The Christian literary tradition is one of intentional engagement with voices that have gone before – and of inviting others in not just to hear those voices, but to join the conversation: to listen, consider, respond…to bring others along to hear and partake in the responses. Rather than an isolationist tradition, it is one of an ever-growing community. Come participate in that community with this dynamic ‘professors-&-poets’ duo, as they speak of their own experiences, share their work, and reflect on how many decades in this practice has shaped their current contributions. 

2022 is a Linlathen retreat year (for practitioners in the field), and so is not an open-registration. 2023 will again be a public conference. Please do submit your email if you wish to be put on the list for 2023.

Everyone is welcome to the free public evening event for 2022 with Michael O'Siadhail and David L Jeffrey, on Thursday July 28th. See this page for further details.

Local Clergy are invited to contact us if interested in the 'Free Local Clergy Event' with Michael O'Siadhail and David L. Jeffrey.

Send an email request for more information:

See Speaker page for biographical info

The Linlathen projects are all non-profit and volunteer-run. We rely on grants and donations to be able to make these events available to the public. Please consider partnering in the events by donating here.

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