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Past Conferences & Retreats

The special guest for this biennial academic retreat was Revd Dr Trevor Hart, co-founder of the Institute for Theology, Imagination, & the Arts at St Andrews University and author of Making Good: Creation, Creativity, & Artistry.

Academic Retreat 2015

Featuring a performance of Tolstoy by Broadway actor Bruce Kuhn, the 2016 Linlathen conference "InActing Word"  offered a weekend lecture and training series led by Kuhn and Theology professor and fellow thespian, Dr. Ivan Khovacs.

Summer Conference 2016

Theologian & Inklings scholar Dr. Jason Lepojärvi led this short retreat exploring The Theology of Love & Worship, with C.S. Lewis' theology of love as the discussion backdrop.

Ministry Retreat 2017
Summer Conference 2014

Led by Dr. Sharon Jebb Smith, with Dr. Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson, "How Should We Then Read? The History, Theology, and Spirituality of Reading” was a weekend lecture series that explored whether there can be a uniquely Christian approach to reading in a text-filled world. 

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