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Linlathen Lecture 2015

‘Imagination, artistry, and the kingdom of God’


a public talk by

Trevor A. Hart


July 7th, 7:30 p.m.

Almonte, ON

What have the Arts and Imagination to do with Church or Faith?

Come, ponder and be challenged by Trevor Hart, founding director of the Institute of Theology, Imagination, & the Arts and former Head of School at the Divinity College at University of St Andrews, Scotland. ITIA was established to bring imagination and the arts into constructive conversation with Christian theology and to pursue a more rounded theological vision of what it is to be human in God’s world.


An international lecturer and author of numerous books on such topics, Professor Hart is also currently the rector of St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, and Honorary Professor at the University of St Andrews. His three-volume set dealing with aesthetics and the Christian faith begins with Making Good: Creation, Creativity, & Artistry (2014), and will soon be followed by Literature & Language; and Patterns of Performance: Art, Imagination, & Christian Hope.


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